At Standard Technologies, we take great pride on our focused, yet flexible supply chain planning.

We feel our disciplined approach is absolutely necessary in order to remain competitive and to ensure quality products. By incorporating a flexible supply chain strategy, we ensure our customers get the right product at the right time.

  • Flexible Supply Chain — We make our supply chain short, simple, and flexible.
  • Inventory Management — Make-to-order products are the most typical solutions we provide to our customers. However, with customer agreement, we often enter into make-to-stock inventory agreements where we leverage our knowledge in supply chain management. Utilizing service levels by product, safety stock, replenishment quantities, and strictly adhering to these, ensures that our customers have the right mix of products in inventory.
  • Simplify and Standardize — With less complex operations, we can respond to our customers’ changes in demand and communicate effectively with them.
  • Tailor Service Levels — By tailoring service levels by products, we can help our customers respond to rush orders.
  • Focusing on Core Capabilities — Outsourcing when necessary.
  • Data Transparency — Sharing information, such as forecasts, forecast accuracy, or even true demand, can allow for “correct / calculated” inventory levels with our customers. This is a two-way street that allows for greater trust and cooperation.
  • Efficiency Metrics and Incentives — Standard Technologies has taken the time to accurately measure our efficiency, allowing us to strictly adhere to targets. By linking incentives to our metrics, we reward our staff for making smart decisions and adding value to the business.
  • Favored Status with Suppliers — We leverage our suppliers’ years of knowledge to effectively work as best-practice consultants in their field. Utilizing this knowledge to improve products and processes can help Standard Technologies generate ideas that deliver cost savings throughout the supply chain.


Focus in our supply chain is also a daily process. By staying focused in our Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP), as well as our order processing, we constantly look to improve our business. While our process is depicted in the flowchart as straightforward and simple, there are many other factors that we utilize to stay in front of our competition. This stable process ensures ultimate success.

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