Standard Technologies is fully equipped to manufacture and meet all of your fuel tank requirements.

Standard Technologies is an industry-leading manufacturer of aftermarket and OEM fuel tanks and fuel system components. From common tank sizes to highly advanced and customized designs, our skilled engineering team can provide you with full-service technical support and expertise.

We manufacture fuel tanks from a wide variety of materials and components, always striving to achieve maximum efficiency, durability, and service life, while balancing efforts to reduce costs. By making continuous investments in our facilities, equipment, employee training, and quality certifications, Standard Technologies has become the preferred partner for OEMs across North America.

Our fuel tanks and systems can be found throughout a wide spectrum of applications, including:

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Heavy duty construction equipment
  • Horse trailer living quarter conversions
  • Landscape trailer
  • Lavatory trailers
  • Marine fuel tanks
  • Mobile generators
  • Off-road construction equipment
  • Refueling stations
  • RV and motor coach fuel tanks
  • Standby generators
  • Transfer tank
  • Utility trailers

Fuel Systems Components

To streamline the supply chain and provide a turnkey solution to customers’ fuel system needs, Standard Technologies has developed strong partnerships with the most respected automotive component manufacturers in the world. By identifying opportunities to drive efficiency and cost benefits, we can better serve our customers with high-quality, reliable products.

Our add-on fuel system components include:

  • Electronic control and timer panels
  • EVAP carbon canisters
  • Fuel fill necks and bezels
  • Fuel hoses and clamps
  • Fuel level sending units and fuel gauges
  • Fuel transfer pumps and nozzles
  • Draw tubes and hose barbs
  • Roll over valves and vents
  • Mounting brackets and hardware
  • Vented fuel caps

Research & Testing

Standard Technologies utilizes in-house and independently certified test labs to ensure that your fuel tank and system meet or exceed the requirements set forth by numerous government agencies. Through continuous research and testing, we ensure that our products adhere to current industry codes and standards. We have established excellent working relationships with these agencies over the years, giving us full understanding of their construction and certification requirements.

As environmental restrictions on evaporative emissions continue expanding, the manufacturing costs for ultra-low evaporative emission plastic tanks subsequently increase. Conversely, steel remains an attractive material choice to achieve fuel tank emission targets at an affordable cost. Steel’s inherent impermeability is ideal for limiting evaporative emissions and, in fact, it is now the preferred material for adherence to the California Air Resource Board EVAP requirements. These advantages, along with increased safety, durability, and design flexibility, give steel tanks a distinct advantage over other materials.

Standard Technologies has current executive orders and certifications meeting the regulations required by these governing agencies:

  • CARB
  • DOT
  • EPA
  • FHWA
  • NFPA

To learn more about our fuel tanks and systems, contact us today.