Standard Technologies is committed to achieving leadership in each of its products.

To achieve that leadership, Standard’s ongoing business strategy for mine battery trays centers on our core competencies and three key growth initiatives:

  • Technical leadership
  • Services
  • Customer focus

mine-battery-traysThrough our technical expertise within the battery industry, we are able to construct mine trays with greater strength and dependability. By working with Standard to develop your mine tray solution and utilizing our engineering services, you will be assured of putting the best product in the field for years to come. We realize the demands of delivering an exceptional product, and we are here to help you achieve this.

Standard Technologies offers a complete line of mine battery trays for use in underground mining applications, including coal, hard rock, and tunneling. These trays are manufactured according to each customer’s specifications and will withstand the most demanding mining environments. We also provide specially designed trays for a wide range of other applications, including locomotives and open-pit mine vehicles.

We utilize a team of highly skilled fabricators that are specifically trained to manufacture these particular trays. All welds conform to AWS standards and all employees are trained and certified. All mine tray surfaces are 100% coated with either powdered paint or a poly-vinyl-chloride compound called plastisol. If you want to learn more about our mine battery trays, contact our team today.