Renewing and recycling resources is a vital component of today’s business strategy.

Mine Tray Refurbishing Service

Standard Technologies offers a cost-effective solution to the replacement of your mine battery trays with our Mine Tray Refurbishing Service.

With increasing material costs, it makes sense economically to refurbish and recycle trays that were once viewed as unusable. Our technicians follow a comprehensive process to return your Mine Battery Tray to “like new” appearance and functionality. Our process begins with the removal of the existing coatings and surface imperfections. If necessary, your trays can be retrofit to meet required engineering specifications. Our certified welders will repair any structural defects and recoat your trays to MSHA-required specifications. In addition, preventative maintenance schedules can be established to ensure your uptime and efficiencies are maximized.

Establishing a servicing program to send in pre-determined quantities of trays with firm turnaround lead times ensures your supply chain will not be interrupted.