Backed by decades of industry experience, Standard Technologies produces fuel tanks for OEMs focused on off-road commercial equipment applications.

From agriculture and construction, to industrial and defense, our fuel tanks help to service applications across a variety of industries. Fuel tanks for heavy-duty truck and OEM uses are frequently found in:

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Construction equipment & cranes
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Industrial power generation
  • Military vehicles
  • Oil & natural gas field equipment
  • Railroad locomotives
  • Snow removal trucks

The Standard Technologies team partners directly with our customers to design, develop, and produce fuel tanks using the latest in-house equipment at our facility. From individual tanks to large production runs, our lean manufacturing processes ensure that your lead times are met without delay.


Before delivery, every one of our tanks undergoes ISO-certified quality and testing procedures to ensure that all finished products meet or exceed established construction and testing requirements for government agencies.

These standards include the following organizations:

  • CARB
  • EPA
  • FHWA
  • DOT
  • NFPA

To complement our quality tanks, we also offer value-added services, streamlining your supply chain and overall production process. By sourcing and installing additional components in your fuel tank, our team creates a fuel system that is ready for installation as soon as it is delivered.

In addition to heavy duty truck and OEM fuel tanks, Standard Technologies designs and builds auxiliary fuel tanks for RV and work trailers, sub-base generator fuel tanks, and many other custom fuel tank projects. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can support your fuel tank needs!