Since 1916, Standard Technologies has maintained a customer-first mentality, always considering how our products and services will impact both the customer and the end-user.

This focus has allowed us to grow and evolve alongside the various industries we have served over the past century.

We believe that diversity brings experience and stability. That’s why all of our products must meet the requirements of the most rugged and demanding industries — and are built to last. Using certified quality systems, the highest-quality materials, and top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment, our expert engineering and technical teams are ready to support you on your project through design, build, and delivery.

Standard Technologies is a leading partner for OEM manufacturers in the agriculture machinery, construction equipment, commercial vehicle, energy, and recreational vehicle markets, among many others. We have the capability and experience to supply any market that requires custom metal fabrications and assemblies, fuel tanks, hydraulic reservoirs, battery trays, and metal enclosures. Our products and parts can be utilized for:

Agriculture & Construction

  • Backhoes and excavators
  • Cutters and shredders
  • Dump trucks
  • Front-end loaders
  • Mining vehicles
  • Post drivers
  • Tractors
  • Waste systems

Commercial & Transportation

  • Aerial platforms equipment
  • Buses
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Forklifts and pallet trucks
  • Airport ground support
  • Industrial utility vehicles
  • Rail locomotives
  • Work trailers


  • Battery charger cases
  • Coal mining equipment
  • Solar and wind power storage
  • Motive power
  • Oil and gas drilling equipment
  • Stationary backup power

Recreational Vehicles

  • 5th-wheel trailers and campers
  • Car haulers
  • Horse trailer LQ conversions
  • Motorcoach
  • Snowmobile haulers
  • Toy haulers

Other Industries

  • Automotive components
  • Industrial machinery
  • Marine
  • Medical equipment
  • Military vehicles
  • Telecommunications

Work with Standard Technologies

We offer a multitude of specialties within the industries we serve. Our manufacturing capabilities include 3D modeling technology, CNC laser cutting, robotic welding, and powder coating and finishing, while our process capabilities encompass product design, process improvement, job costing, document and materials management, and a variety of strategies to assist in bringing your idea to life.

Standard Technologies’ team of trained and certified employees uses advanced equipment to complete every project, which is why we continue to invest in our most valued asset — our people. Our highly skilled staff enables us to provide customers with the products and service they demand.

Our customers choose Standard Technologies for our ISO certification, diverse manufacturing capabilities, and outstanding quality performance. To learn more about how Standard Technologies can assist you on your next project, contact us today.