Standard Technologies provides a full range of coating options to our clients, investing in a state-of-the-art powder coat line to drive quality and efficiency to the coating process.

The Process

Our powder coating pre-treatment processes include media blasting and a 5-stage wash system to produce a material substrate essential to the longevity and performance of the finished coating. Once the pre-treatment process is complete, we dry and preheat the parts for powder coat application.

Customers have a choice of color for the very fine dry resin particles that comprise the powder. Using a spray gun, we apply this resin powder with an electrostatically charged technique that causes the particles to stick to the grounded part through the curing process — just like metal to a magnet.

We then heat the coated parts to specific temperatures for a predetermined amount of time based on the chemistry of the powder resins and the density of the coated part. The powders melt and fuse together to form a durable finish. Not only can we efficiently coat high-volume parts with our continuous powder coat line, but we can also coat some of the largest weldments utilizing our industrial batch oven.

When extreme environments require a more robust coating, we offer plastisol, a liquid PVC coating that is baked onto the surface of your steel product. This coating provides superior protection against impact and harsh chemicals, as well as excellent dielectrical strength. By using a spray-on method, we are able to coat large and heavy parts where dip coating would not be feasible.

Advantages to Powder Coating

Our powder coating process provides our clients’ parts with:

    • Durability — We can formulate various chemistries to endure the severity of harsh chemicals, abrasion, or UV exposure.
    • Variety — Powder coatings are available in a wide array of colors, textures, and glosses.
    • Quality — Our process is continuous and almost fully automated, which eliminates defects caused by dust or corrosion build-up between the pretreatment and powder coating phases.
    • Environmental Friendliness — As a part of our company policy, there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a major case of air pollution, involved in any part of our powder coating process.

Standard Technologies’ ability to perform powder coating and plastisol finishes in-house gives us complete control over lead time, cost, and quality, ensuring that we deliver to our customers the best product with every order. We are fully equipped to manufacture high- and low-volume orders, as well as to prototype new parts. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality standards position us to effectively meet the process controlled specifications that our clients demand.

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A summary of our powder coating capabilities

Coating Characteristics

Abrasion Resistant
Acid Resistance
Color Match
Electrical Resistance
High Temperature
Humidity Resistance
Impact Resistance
Thermal Barrier
Thermal Protection
Salt Spray
UV Resistance

Pre-Coating Preparation

Coating Removal
Media Blast
Multi-Stage Wash
Phosphate conversion
Spray Washing

Application Process

High Velocity

Industry Focus

Commercial Equipment
Heavy Duty Vehicles
Hydraulic Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Recreation Equipment
Snow Removal
Specialty Vehicles
Utility Trailers